The Future Everyday Interaction with the Autonomous Internet of Things (A-IoT) is a multidisciplinary, EPSRC funded research project that looks at the interaction space between humans and autonomous agents. The wealth (or "deluge") of data produced by the Internet of Things (IoT) is likely to keep growing, beyond human capacity to turn it into meaningful information that can be acted on. An Autonomous IoT would 'actively' manage data and decisions on behalf of users, drawing upon machine learning techniques and optimization algorithms. However, it is critical to still allow users to make informed choices about their general needs and comfort. Nascent instantiations of the A-IoT range from smart thermostats that learn to autonomously control central heating systems based on the presence of users and their routine, to washing machines that order detergent for delivery when it runs out. But how should interactions with autonomous systems be engineered to support users' daily activities? To what extent may users be willing to delegate agency to A-IoT systems in everyday contexts? These are some of the key questions our project aims to address.